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Dinner Menu

On behalf of the culinary team at Castle Hill Inn, we welcome you to our home and hope that you will enjoy our New England traditions, creative touches, and beverage offerings. We have designed the menu to be enjoyed in the traditional “prix fixe” style to present the talents of our chefs and the natural bounty of Rhode Island.

At Castle Hill, we are indeed blessed with a location that is second to none in New England - not only for the view, but for the availability of such wonderful sources of ingredients to bring to the table. These range from local seafood surrounding Aquidneck Island, to the artisanal cheeses crafted throughout the region. We hope to serve you a meal that will speak both to the nostalgia and tradition of New England cooking, while inviting you to experience something new along the way. Our natural setting constantly guides our menu-scripting, and our tradition inspires us to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for choosing to dine with us; we hope to welcome you back again soon.

Louis Rossi
Executive Chef

Three Course Menu $82

With Pairings $117
The traditional method; select a starter, main course, and dessert.

Four Course Menu $96

With Pairings $141
For a touch more variety; choose two starters, a main course, and dessert.

Six Course Tasting Menu $110

With pairings $175
Join us on a tour of the evolving dinner menu with a succession of tasting-sized portions of the most prized ingredients and preparations. This menu is available for the entire table only. No substitutions, please.

Wine & Beverage Pairings

Available for each of our prix fixe menu paths. Each time our menu changes, we taste a multitude of wines, spirits, and anything else we can gather to find the most complementary pairings for the dish at hand - these choices then become our beverage offerings for the season. We will serve a beverage choice with each course of food to complete the culinary experience. The portion sizes amount to about 2-3 glasses of wine in total.